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LCPC supports suit to stop NCB

WATERLOO, Iowa – A lawsuit has been filed in Federal court against CMS seeking to stop competitive bidding for durable medical equipment. 
The litigation is supported by Last Chance for Patient Choice, a Section 527 organization formed to educate the public and others on the problems of “low-bid” medical care and help fight the bidding systems mandated by the MMA, and VGM Group, Inc. The suit was filed June 12, 2007, in the Dallas Division of the U.S. District Court for the Northern Division of Texas.

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Please Persuade Your Legislators to Sign On to the Johnson-Allen Letter

The Johnson-Allen Letter is being circulated for signatures, and it is imperative that we make immediate attempts to get our legislators to sign on. Even those who are not in the currently affected MSAs should contact their legislators, because this may affect them at a later time

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Legislative Update on H.R. 1845, 621 & 2231

Please urge your Congressional representative to cosponsor; talking points available.

VGM urges all HME providers to contact your Congressional representative’s office in your district and ask for their support of these three bills.

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